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We are committed to providing confidential, quality service with a personal touch, beyond what you would get at a normal bank.

Profits generated through our operation are returned to members through:

  • lower rates on loans & mortgages or
  • through higher returns on savings &
  • dividend payments

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TransCanada Credit Union announces 2017 Profit Sharing

Please click here for more details: Profit Sharing Announcement


** In light of the Bank of Canada overnight rate change on 17th January 2018, we will be amending our Credit Union Prime lending rate to 3.45% with effect from 18th January 2018. **

** Please note: Credit Union services are only available to Canadian based employees **

New Online Banking System

We are pleased to announce that our new, greatly improved online banking system is now available to members.

Please click on the above 'Online Banking' link on the menu bar to access the system, should you require any assistance logging in or require us to set you up with access to the system please contact us at 403-920-2664 or email us

We are having a few issues with the speed of the system and are working towards rectifying this area as soon as possible.

New Savings Rate!

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TransCanada Credit Union's new savings rate will blow your socks off!!!


Per Annum for balances over $10,000
  • 100% Deposit Guarantee
  • 1.50% for balances less than $10,000
  • Direct Payroll Deposit
  • No service charges
Our posted interest rates are subject to change without notice

TransCanada Credit Union - Profit Share 2017

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TransCanada Credit Union is pleased to announce our profit sharing strategy for the 2017 financial year. Our total profit sharing pay out in 2017 will be $58,006, which represents a 4% increase over last year's distribution amount and will be distributed as follows:
  • Common Share Dividend of 5.00%, representing 66% of the total profit sharing funds available, or $38,433
  • A Savings Account Interest bonus of 20.00% of the interest received over the financial year, equating to $16,232 or 28.00% of the total pool of funds
  • A Loan interest rebate of 0.50% of interest paid during the year, equating to $3,340 or 6% of the pool of funds

  • All profit share distributions will be paid on the 15th December 2017 - Common Share Dividends will be paid to Common Share accounts, unless you are already at the $3000.00 maximum, in which case the dividend will be paid to your savings accounts. Both the Bonus Savings Interest Payments and Loan Interest Rebates will be paid to Savings accounts.
If you have any questions with regards to this announcement we would be happy to answer any queries you may have, please contact a staff member if you would like to discuss this matter in more detail.

The Escalator GIC

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Our market leading 3-year Escalator GIC is a great option when looking for a short to medium-term investment with the flexibility to access funds periodically, should your needs change. Your money is safe and secure and 100% GUARANTEED and you benefit from increasing rates every year when you choose to maintain your investment.

Compare our Savings Rates!

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Compare OUR savings rate with your bank's


Per Annum for balances over $10,000

1.50% per annum for balances less than $10,000

100% Deposit Guarantee--NO LIMIT

Direct deposit from payroll available

Our posted interest rates are subject to change without notice

The Personal Insurance


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Bow Valley Insurance

Request a Quote Online!

Bow Valley Insurance has partnered with Economical Select® to offer members of TransCanada exclusive savings on car and home insurance. That means you could get:
  • A 20% discount on car insurance
  • A 15% discount on home insurance
  • Extra savings when you're conviction-free, mortgage-free, or bundling two or more policies
Call 587-349-5690 or fill out the form at

Consolidation Loans

BBQ Giveaway

We have a Winner!!!!

Congratulations to Kirsten Kemprud from Calgary who was the lucky winner of the BBQ package, worth over $600!

Over 30 participants were entered into the draw, for opening a new account with the credit union, or referring a new member.

TransCanada Credit Union Now Paperless

With immediate effect TransCanada Credit Union will no longer be sending paper statements for savings accounts on a quarterly basis.

The decision was reached as part of our continued efforts to become more streamline, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Also, with the ongoing shift to make banking and other services 'paperless' and the ability to access account information, transaction history and balances online, the credit union feels this is an important step in our ongoing efforts to continue to provide a 'zero service charge' environment for our members.

To sign up for online banking, if you have not already done so, please email and we will take care of your request.

Should there be a reason why you are unable to benefit from this online service please contact us so alternative arrangements can be made to provide this information to you.

Latest News

Latest News
  • 0.75% Interest paid to Savings accounts 31st October 2017
  • In light of the Bank of Canada overnight rate change on 17th January 2018, we will be amending our Credit Union Prime lending rate to 3.45% with effect from 18th January 2018

2016 Annual Report

Please click on the link below to access the 2016 Annual Report.

Credit Union Annual Report 2016