TransCanada Credit Union - About Us

Mission and Values

The primary goal of the TransCanada Credit Union is to continue to provide basic financial services, at competitive rates and reasonable cost, to the extended TransCanada community, with a personal touch.

Our Mission

To be our members' preferred and competitive alternative for select banking services.

Our Values

  • Personal service
  • Return for members through profit sharing
  • No service fees
  • Competitive rates

Board of Directors

TransCanada Credit Union's Board of Directors currently consists of seven members, elected by the membership.

Your TransCanada Credit Union Board of Directors:


  • Robert Nowakowsky
  • Vinesh (Vinny) Lad
  • James Lambert
  • Doug Slater
  • Jaci Lyndon
  • Jacqueline Quadros
  • Wayne Rumsey



Neil Davison

General Manager      
(403) 920-2682

Neil Davison

Debbie Letendre

Loans Officer
(403) 920-2684

Debbie Letendre

Muriel Meyers

Member Service Representative
(403) 920-2664

Muriel Meyers